Choosing the right BMW Floor Mats

bmw floor mats

Taking great care of your BMW may be a top priority, and you may take regular steps to maintain your car or SUV in like-new condition. Some components in the vehicle will require replacement from time to time as they wear out. Floor mats are among the most used and most overlooked features inside your car. Each time you and your passengers climb into the vehicle, your shoes will run across these features. Dirt and grime from shoes and any other items that you place on the mats can accumulate over time, and the mat material can wear out as well. stained, worn out mats can negatively affect aesthetics, odor and more inside the vehicle. If the time has come for you to replace your floor liners or mats, you may be wondering which of the many styles available are most well-suited for your BMW.

Focus on the Fit

You may be inclined to begin searching for new floor mats based largely on price and color or style, but it may be a better idea to focus on the fit as a first step. Regardless of whether you purchase Weathertech mats, Husky liners or other options, you will find that some mats and liners are designed with a universal fit. Others may be customized specifically to fit in your vehicle. While a universal fit may seem like a safer route, remember that a universal fit may not perfectly cover the entire area that needs to be protected by the mat. When possible, a custom fit may be a better option for your BMW floor covering needs.

Choose the Right Material

There are numerous materials that you can choose from when selecting new floor liners or mats for your BMW. A cloth or carpet-type material is the most common option found in BMW vehicles. The floor of a typical vehicle is comprised of a carpet material. Choosing a floor mat design that is made out of this same material can create a cohesive look. This material may also have sound-absorbing properties and be more comfortable to the touch in the rare event that you have bare feet in the vehicle. Carpeting may also conceal some dirt, but it may be more difficult to clean. In addition to standard carpet, you may choose an upgraded carpet material. For example, Berber and Oriental carpeting are both available as upgrades. These may be well-suited for use in a luxury car. There are other materials as well, such as vinyl. Vinyl may not have the rich, luxurious look as a fine carpet material has, but it may be easier to keep clean. In fact, you may be able to simply wipe them clean. You may also remove them and spray them with a hose periodically for cleaning purposes. Keep in mind that vinyl may also be less likely to show wear and to get stained.

Select a Lovely Color

The final step to take when you are selecting the right floor mats or liners for your BMW is to focus on the color. You may be able to order mats that are specifically designed for use in a BMW, and these may be sold in matching colors that correspond perfectly to your car’s interior color scheme. You may also be able to order mats or liners that have been color-matched. The other option is to purchase universal mats that may be closely-matched to the interior color scheme in your BMW. Some people may even purchase a contrasting color to create a two-tone look.

You can see that there are many factors to consider when ordering new floor mats or liners for your car. These are features that directly affect aesthetics in the vehicle, but they also play a role in functionality, cleanliness and maintenance. Spend time exploring some of the many options available so that you can purchase the right mats for your BMW.


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