Borla vs Magnaflow: Which Exhaust System Performs And Sounds The Best?

Car lovers and owners often bolt new exhaust systems to give their vehicles a tough sound and boost their power as well as efficiency. Borla and Magnaflow have long been leading the pack of exhaust system brands. Different brands have their advantages over the others, and vehicle owners should dig into the features of each and compare the differences. This way, they end up with the best exhaust system for their vehicles, resulting in better performance.

Borla Vs Magnaflow: What Are The Differences?

Whenever you are comparing these two exhaust system brands, you want to note their differences so that you can decide which one best suits your car. It is essential that you know the features of both systems so that you can make an informed choice. Both exhaust systems serve as upgrades to your current exhaust system. The choice of going with Borla or Magnaflow goes down to your preference based on individual features.

Borla Exhaust System

Engineers at Borla Performance Industries have been working to advance their exhaust design for over 25 years now. They started off designing and building exhaust system for top sports and luxury cars such as Ferrari and Rolls-Royce. Borla exhaust systems are designed and built to perfection, using only high-grade materials.

They are made of aerospace-grade T-304 stainless steel that makes them remarkably sturdy and rust-resistant. Further, mandrel bends offer the smoothest flow within the exhaust system. Borla exhaust systems also include Borla mufflers, which are perfectly tuned to reduce engine noise.

A combination of Borla headers, custom mandrel bends, and stainless steel construction guarantees your car extra power and excellent flow. The Borla exhaust system gives your car a throaty growl and reduces in-cabin noise at the same time.

Magnaflow Exhaust System

This exhaust system is well-known for its throaty but smooth exhaust tone. They are built for power, as they unlock as much as 10% more horsepower and also helps improve a car’s MPGs. All components of the Magnaflow exhaust system are made of 409 Stainless steel to prevent corrosion. This exhaust system also incorporates mandrel bends to provide excellent exhaust flow and maximum performance of the engine.

Mufflers are also included in the exhaust design and provide temperature consistency. They are also key to reducing harsh noise and vibrations to give a bold yet smooth tone. They come in different styles and finishes to fit your budget and performance needs. Magnaflow also sells mufflers and other components individually so that you can upgrade your exhaust system on a component level.

Magnaflow exhaust systems offer superior performance and better emission control since they are easily attached to a Magnaflow catalytic converter. These converters are optimized to reduce exhaust restrictions. With this exhaust system, the exhaust flow is greatly enhanced thereby offering meaningful power gains. Magnaflow Cat converters also ensure that your car’s emissions remain within the accepted limits.


Exhaust systems are vital in giving your car the best performance and upgrade its performance. Borla and Magnaflow exhaust systems are the two leading exhaust system brands that guarantee a deep yet smooth tone by reducing the in-cabin noise. The Borla vs Magnaflow battle is settled by comparing their features and picking the one that best suits your car’s needs.

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